Our Expertise

      • Blended Learning
      • Virtual Synchronous Training
      • Needs Analysis
      • Program Management
      • Onboarding
      • eLearning
      • Train-the-Trainer
      • Leadership Development
      • Social Media Integration
      • and much, much more!
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Our Company

Learnwella, Inc. is a learning solutions company, working with both national and international clients. Clients contact us when they have a new or updated product, process, or skill that their employees or customers need to understand and apply. We ask a lot of questions, pull apart the topic, turn it upside down, immerse ourselves in it, and view it through multiple lenses until we can reconnect the dots into a solution that meets our client’s unique business goals.Learn More

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What Clients Say

Joann made a huge impact on our organization  through her ability to rapidly develop remote online education. Joann’s strong skills in organizational development enabled her to grasp complex industrial learning concepts and transform them into very practical, repeatable, easy to complete and effective learning modules. Joann is the best training developer I have ever had access to work with. Her work is impeccable and more importantly highly effective!
David Stuver, SUPERVALU, VP of Distribution Support
I will gladly be on any team Joann is the leader of. Not only does she take extra time to know each person, but she understands their individual skills and really knows how to accentuate them. She has an eye for great ideas as well, and –– because she understands the strengths on her team –– she is highly efficient at turning those great ideas into realities. Her powerful work ethic and immediate dependability just add to her skills as a leader, and have made this year’s workshops, programs, and projects run successfully on a level we wouldn’t have reached without her.
Brian Keller, PACT, Career Enhancement Chair
Joann provides end to end project management, amazing creative input and is able to draw content out of subject matter experts! She listens to what the end goal is and delivers on it, but puts thought into the very best way to get there. She developed eLearning content that is highly rated by participants and ultimately makes a difference in their work. Joann works as if she is an employee of the company with a personal stake in the results.
Vivian Rank, SUPERVALU, HR/Talent Mgmt.
I had the privilege of working with Joann for the past 6 months working on a project focused on behavior-based performance management. From the beginning, Joann was a sponge on steroids soaking up all the educational materials provided to her relative to the topic. Believe it or not, our following meetings were something to look forward to as they were extremely productive and peppered with an air of thought-provoking discussion. Joann’s passion and sunny disposition, as well her incredible creative talents, provided a vibrant working atmosphere with the result being a dynamic, interactive adult e-learning training module series created. The phrase, “in a heart-beat” fits my final comment. Given the chance to retain Joann and her company Learnwella, Inc. again, I would do so in a heart-beat
Roger Larson, SUPERVALU, Regional Director Risk Control .
Often time those of us what have considerable experience in company leadership positions have convinced ourselves we are subject matter experts and superior trainers, unfortunately that’s not always the case. I recently had the privilege to working with Joann Lynch of Learnwella on an e-learning project that really opened my eyes to the power of what expertise in educational design and laser like focus on the message can do . Joann’s ability to exceed our expectations was only matched for her passion for the topic. By the time our project was completed she had become a true subject matter expert, not just from a high level topic outline perspective but from an in-depth discussion leaders perspective. She knew us , she understood the audience we were designing the educational material for and she clearly knew the goal . I would whole heartedly recommend Joann to others. Her passion to do it right, her creativity in approach and sponge like attack on the subject matter make her a fantastic partner.
James Koskan, SUPERVALU, Corporate Director Risk Control
Joann is a “go-getter”. She can take an instructional design project and run with it – with very little direction from the client. Joann’s thoughtful planning, attention to detail and solid execution resulted in our project being done on schedule and within budget. Her development skills are impeccable. She is a true visionary when it comes to instructional design.
Wendy Podany, Senior Consultant at Rels
The learning solutions she created for me were top-notch and in-line with, or exceeded, my customer’s expectations. Better yet, she was able to educate the SMEs she was working with about the benefits of the adult learning process, the needs of the adult learner, and how those two elements combine to help us choose the right delivery mechanism – making them advocates for our learning solutions in the process! I would recommend Joann for any work that requires ‘out of the box’ creative thinking, a rigorous schedule (mainly to keep the SMEs on task) or timelines, and a customer-centric approach.
Cindy Colbert, Sr. Training Business Partner at SUPERVALU